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We live in Novokuznetsk. Every day we go to work or study, fall in love, experience victories and defeats, we are happy, we are sad, we are looking for inspiration and develop.
We are from 18 to 81 years old.
At first glance, we are not much different from other townspeople.
But we have one thing in common: a desire to change the space around us.

  • We start our day with thoughts about what would be interesting, useful, good today we could do in Novokuznetsk.
  • We formulate new meanings for the urban environment.
  • We are striving to create a strong network of urban communities that can do real things and change Novokuznetsk every day for the better.
  • We are open to positive people and new ideas.
  • We strive for harmony and balance, for the results of our actions to be sustainable in time and space.
  • We believe that the desire for greater and more fantastic allows us to move on without stopping and realizing real changes.
  • We are still children in something: we are not afraid to dream, we believe in the best; Enjoy every day; rejoice at every new opportunity; make projects, play, and play, making projects.
  • We are sure, if we devote ourselves to a cause sincerely and with passion, then we can achieve great success.
  • We do not always know in advance how successful the project will be, whether it will be possible to turn a huge reservoir at once, but this does not prevent us every time starting with enthusiasm to master a new business.
  • We understand that by one small action we can not change the world and people, but even if we change the opinion or the life of at least one person, our efforts were not in vain.
  • We are sure that our city deserves the best.
  • We are studying the best world practices in order to apply them in Novokuznetsk.
  • We participate in the life of our city.
  • We believe in what we do.